Farah Gron, CCH, RSHom (NA)
Certified Classical Homeopath
New Life Homeopathy

The initial appointment will be virtual. Follow up appointments may be conducted virtually or via phone.

Please choose one of the following two methods to have your virtual appointment:

  • Doxy.me

    1. You will receive a reminder email from Farah's office a day or several days before your appointment. The email will include this link. At the time of your appointment please click on this link:  https://doxy.me/newlifehomeopathy
  • VSEE

     - Encrypted virtual meeting app

    1. To install VSee, go to https://vsee.com/getvsee.

    2. Follow the installation instruction.

    3. Once the product is installed, double click on the VSee icon on your desktop.

    4. Create a username and password.

    5. Click on the Invite button at the bottom of the screen and invite Farah by entering her username Farah@NewLifeHomeopathy.com

    6. At the time of your appointment, please initiate a VSee call to Farah.