Farah Gron, CCH, RSHom(NA)
Certified Classical Homeopath
New Life Homeopathy

Initial Consultation and Follow-up Appointments

Initial consultation: 

The initial appointment can go up to 90 minutes and has to take place in the office or over the internet with the use of video conferencing.   Please see the Video Conferencing instructions here.  Prior to your first appointment, you will need to fill out and send in several forms.  You will find the forms further down on this page and can upload the completed documtnets on that same page.

Follow up appointments: 

Follow-up appointments are 30 mintues long and are scheduled every four weeks.  I welcome all your questions during follow up appointments.

I am not on call. I will do my best to return your phone calls within 24-48 during my regular office hours.  International clients may use Farah@NewLifeHomeopathy.com for homeopathy questions.  The Office@NewLifeHomeopathy.com email address may be used for administrative or scheduling purposes.

 For any and all medical concerns please see your medical doctor or an urgent care provider if necessary.


Homeopathy services provided by Farah are not reimbursed by insurance.


The fee for the initial appointment is $375 and for follow up appointments is $135 monthly.


The fees for consultation are payable by cashier’s check, US check or credit card (Visa/MC).

New Client Forms

  • Please fill out and send the following forms:
    Click to see instructions on how to download forms.

    Adobe PDFMicrosoft Word Document New client questionnaire
    Adobe PDFMicrosoft Word Document Timeline
    Adobe PDF     Evaluation form needed only if client is on the Autism Spectrum
    Adobe PDFMicrosoft Word Document Client information
    Adobe PDF     Agreement to receive homeopathic consultation - This document has to be signed by hand and mailed or scanned and emailed.
    Adobe PDF     Credit card authorization - This document has to be signed by hand and mailed or scanned and emailed.

To securely send your completed files please follow the steps below:

Reporting your results

Adobe PDFMicrosoft Word Document Consider the questions asked in this document when calling to report your reaction to the remedy you are taking.